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Nuking Hirosima and Nakasaki
Invading Iraq
Spawning the KKK
Fattening the rest of the world with cheap Big Macs
Putting Pinochet in power
Camp X-ray
Producing 25% of the world's carbon emissions
Exploiting cheap labour in 3rd world sweatshop
Not Nuking Berlin, Moscow, Baghdad, Peking, London and Paris when we had the Chance!
School of the Americas
Displacement of native peoples
Being The Most Succesfull Country In The World!
its parochialism
Being a breeding ground for Christian fundies.
The 1937 MJ Tax Act!
Lording it over the rest of the world in an obnoxious way
Forgetting what made us strong in the first place, our morality our allies and our rights.
Outsourcing way too many jobs to other countries.
"electing" Bush
Allowing Wal-Mart to come into existence
Lax Immigration enforcement
"electing" Obumma
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Submitted by : Andrew_Anorak
Submitted on : Mar 09,2007 12:44:05 pm
ballot title:

What is America's biggest crime?

ballot number:112901
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Voted : School of the Americas
"Teaching the Third World How to Rape, Torture and Murder Since 1946"
Voted : Nuking Hirosima and Nakasaki
Voted : slavery
Slavery is far worse than anything else in our history.

Replacing Allende with Pinochet was one of the better things we did in the past few decades.

^ I will agree with that as well.
"Replacing Allende with Pinochet was one of the better things we did in the past few decades."

Yes, often times when you scratch a libertarian, you find a fascist.

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