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[+] joke ballot by LCD

Britney Spears
Ashley Simpson
Jennifer Lopez
Rene Zellweger
Kirstie Alley
Betty White
foghorn leghorn
Scarlett Johansson
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Heidi Klum
Carmen Elektra
Salma Hayek
chicken breast
a young Sophia Loren
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Submitted by : LCD
Submitted on : Mar 26,2007 8:05:21 pm
ballot title:

Nicest Breast In Hollywood

ballot number:113415
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by LCD [+]

what? no pictures? won't beelz be disappointed!
Voted : Scarlett Johansson
Too perfect. Burns my eyes. Make it stop.
Voted : Scarlett Johansson

Voted : Heidi Klum

Voted : Carmen Elektra
Carmen is the most beautiful Cali girl in my opinion ;)
^ Heidi Klum has enormous feet. They are like as long as her arm.
Hey now, leave people with big feet alone
Voted : Only one breast?
I just realized it said "only one breast" haha

Heidi Klum isn't an actress is she?

Also, this ballot should be limited to those who have had a massectomy, duh!

... and she's 42!

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