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[+] serious ballot by cranky

Since the publication of Jimmy Carter's book, "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid," the topic of Jimmy Carter's legacy has been brought up again and again by individuals (Israel supporters, essentially) who now claim that Nobel Peace Prize winner, Carter, was a terrible president and, apparently, one of the worst human beings in human history.

There are also, however, many who feel that George W. Bush is the worst president in American history.

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So, who do you think was a worse president: Carter or Bush?

George W. Bush
Pres. Jimmy Carter
Somebody else
What are the salient crieria for 'worst' prez??
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Submitted by : cranky
Submitted on : Apr 25,2007 1:36:18 pm
ballot title:

Who will be remembered as a worse president: Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush

ballot number:114302
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Voted : Jimmy Carter
It's obvious.

Guess who writes the history books?

Voted : George W. Bush
One is incompetent, and possibly incapable of truth, the other, inept, but to waste billions of dollars and lose lives...
Worst president in our hearts and minds is definately George W. Bush

I chose Carter beacuse written history will definately be skewed to slander him more that Dubya.

I've learned that history is written by the winners and thus to the winners go the spoils.

Voted : George W. Bush
No question about it.
Voted : George W. Bush
One of these men has killed tens of thousands of people through his apt mismanagemet.
Voted : George W. Bush
Come on, Cranky! You've gotta be kidding us. Bush is at least one of the worst pesidents in U.S. history, and Carter, although ineffective because of his high morals, is probably the most honorable president in American History.
I think you need to read the ballot again Margaret.
Voted : George W. Bush
not even close, not up for discussion
Voted : George W. Bush
Voted : George W. Bush
I think thats a no brainer. Bush. Carter's legacy is like a marathon, while Bush's will be more like a 50 yard dash.
Voted : George W. Bush
Bush. Fiddle likes that book burning photo too. I guess everybody just appreciates a pretty picture.
Voted : George W. Bush
I am constantly amazed that Jimmy Carter was rated so poorly in America. Here in the UK, we thought he was great. Maybe I just got that impression. I was very young at the time and already well left of centre....
Voted : George W. Bush
Worst. President. Ever.
Hmmm, I wonder who skewed the numbers on this ballot?

Three guesses and the first two don't count.

(I've learned no matter what's SCREAMED by That Type online, it never changes the truth, and the more they try the worse it gets, it's just desperation.)
by Jyl [+]

LOL. I wondered when little spammer twit would show up and vote over and over for Jimmy Carter.
(all he's doing is showing how pitiful he is. it's sad.)
by Jyl [+]

Hmmm. I wonder who stepped in on this one.

Three guesses, and the first two don't count.

oops, someone has WAAAAY too much time on their hands....

(as if it wasn't desperate enough the first time)
by Jyl [+]


Someone deleted Jimmy Carter's name for a second time. I'll bet that made little spammer boy turn red and spray his monitor with spittle.

Now he'll have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. TOO BAD.

Looks like crappy spammer boy DID start over again.

Good work little crappy spammer boy.

Looks like this ballot has been fiddlefaddled.
Voted : George W. Bush
Okay, Carter was a poor speaker and made mistakes on the economy... but he's not nearly the total stinker Bush is...
"who now claim that Nobel Peace Prize winner, Carter, was a terrible president"

No, lots of people have claimed he was a terrible president... starting in 1976. And he was. He also wasn't given the Nobel prize for being president, it was for stuff done afterwards such as monitoring elections.

LOL. FiddleCan spams the ballot in July, then comes back in December for a parting comment.
cranky: You loose a bit of your smart when you accord the title 'Pres.' to one and not to the other. Why do you choose to overlook the fact that President Carter allowed and assisted all of those criminals and other unwanteds from Cuba into USA ?
Carter's mistakes in office were small in comparison to Bush, who is arguably the worst president in American history.
Voted : George W. Bush
At least Carter had SOME redeeming qualities. Bush has absolutely NONE!
Voted : Somebody else
Like, Nixon, maybe?
And we don't know yet how this 'president-elect' is going to work out..?

Voted : What are the salient crieria for 'worst' prez??
Is this merely the feeling and opinion of the common people, or is there an objective and dependable means of determining 'worst', least good, awfulest, rottenest (president, for example!?).
'Worst' at least has the benefit of being one of the extremes, and therefore, noteworthy..! And even 'worse' make be yet to come..!
A current president could even end up being a worst. Who knose?

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