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[+] serious ballot by fairy_88

The Boston Strangler
Dennis Rader
Ted Bundy
Jack The Ripper
Pedro Lopez
Charles Manson
O J Simpson
One that hasnt been caught yet
Ivan Milat
joseph stalin, uncle adolph, pol pot, idi amin
George Bush
Bob Berdella
John Wayne Gacy
Elizabeth Bathory
Albert Fish
Dorothea Puente
Green River Killer (Gary Ridgway)
Richard Ramirez
Gary Ridgeway
Jeffery Dahmer
Andre Chickatilo
Donald Rumsfeld
Zodiac Killer
Mary Ann Cotton
Henry Lee Lucas
David Burkowitz
Aileen Wuornos
Lizzy Borden
Anthony Sowell
Bill Clinton
Killary Clinton
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Submitted by : fairy_88
Submitted on : May 01,2007 4:33:26 am
ballot title:

Who is the best serial killer of all time?

ballot number:114458
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Voted : Jack The Ripper
Just look at the guys statistics, there unbelievable.
Voted : George Bush
"Best?" Worst maybe. Most prolific maybe. "Best?" I don't think so.
Voted : Bob Berdella
He was one of the sickest i've read about, and i have his documentary. He was a sick demented individual!!
Voted : John Wayne Gacy
Another one, he was so social he held gatherings over bodies he had buried in his yard and basement and he was a sadistic fucker too, he took his time killing his vitims...he would turn the rope a bit to let them gasp for some air, then twist it again, letting them feel a relief and then killing them after alot of sexual torture. The dildo they found in his house was about 18 inches long and still had human body tissue on it
oooo socal, I used to read so much about all the serial killers and I'd never even heard of Berdella!
by Jyl [+]

Voted : Richard Ramirez
Ramirez takes the cake in this contest.

Not only is his killing spree just simply beyond belief in its ferocity, duration and audacity but the guy got married AFTER being convicted AND admitting to what he had done.

Check out the full story at crimelibrary - it will chill you to the bone.

Voted : Gary Ridgeway
Jyl, he is one of the SICKEST. He actually kept his victims for weeks at a time, subjecting them to horrific tortures such as injecting bleach into their eyes with syringes and using electricity devices clamped to their testicles. He kept them captive and alive, tortured and tied to a bed for about a week each.

Gary Ridgeway was a greusome guy who wanted slaves, so he kept women in his cellar and beat them continuously, raped them and made them rape eachother, and if they acted up he would put them in this tiny hole he dug out of dirt and they would have to be stuck with their head in between their legs and he's cover this tiny hole with a heavy board. Then when any tried to escape he'd sometimes electrocute them and the ones that died he would cook and eat and leave the ribs on the stove to show the other girls what would happen to them if they acted up! They were fed dog food and ground up women in dog food and other human scraps for food.

You can type in all of these killers on Crimelibrary dot com for full storys!

OOPS so sorry, i meant Gary Heidnik! Not Ridgeway, Heidnik! Gary Heidnick was the cellar killer, oooh he was a sick fucker
Voted : Andre Chickatilo
I cannot beliweve he's not on here! He was a major serial killer in Russia, he was like a rabid dog, he viciously attacked people, biting off their genitals and stuff...he was so sick...and he killed hundreds.

Voted : Ted Bundy
I would vote for manson, but he never killed anybody (he is in prison for conspiracy)
Voted : Anthony Sowell
Convicted sex offender found with 10 bodies and a head in his home.
Voted : One that hasnt been caught yet
The best serial killer of the modern era that has been caught is George Bush!

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