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[+] serious ballot by Mithrandir

Michael Moore's new political documentary "Sicko" will be released on June 29, 2007. It has already been selected for the Cannes Film Festival. It depicts Moore's views on the American Health care industry, pharmaceutical companies and alleged corruption in the American Food and Drug Administration.

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Submitted by : Mithrandir
Submitted on : May 11,2007 12:22:21 pm
ballot title:

Will you go see Michael Moore's new documentary 'Sicko'?

ballot number:114774
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Voted : Yes
I believe I will.
Voted : Yes
and I do believe I will as well Ooooh yeaaaah!
Voted : Yes
Voted : No
Doubt it, but only because I'm out with the entire "go to the movies" thing.
Voted : Other (please comment)
I will wait until it comes out on DVD.

movie theatres gives me the heebie jeebies.
by LCD [+]

Voted : Other (please comment)

Right or wrong he alerts people to things they dont normaly think about. That HAS to be a good thing.

Michael Moore,the pseudo-rebel...taking on white America and corporations.When Alan Dershowitz and the entire media machine launches a smear campaign against you *then* you're a rebel.
Voted : No
No thanks. Just more left-wing propaganda and lies.
Does the left go to right leaning documentaries? Does the right go to left? Don't bother replying because I'm opposed to any views that don't reflect my own.
Voted : Other (please comment)
Sure why not? I have to wait til it comes to DVD though. Can't afford the theatre, medical bills you know!
No, because he doesn't make documentaries, he makes works of fiction.
Voted : Yes
I can't wait, it's gonna be awesome!
Based on the advice of a Wise Woman, I'll be going to see it this week.
Voted : No
It's BS, and has been proven and exposed as such many times.
It's not Moore's 'views' as you will find out when you watch it.

He just presents the evidence and let's you make up your own mind.

The movie is a devastating indictment of the inadequacies, greed and corruption that have seriously compromised the health care system in America.

I was absolutely furious watching it and I've never even set foot in America!

If I was an American I'd probably want to emigrate.

Obamacare is bringing the usa to its knees.

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