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Survey: U.S. Muslims Assimilated, Opposed to Extremism

Washington Post, May 23, 2007

Unlike Muslim minorities in many European countries, U.S. Muslims are highly assimilated, close to parity with other Americans in income and overwhelmingly opposed to Islamic extremism, according to the first major, nationwide random survey of Muslims.

The survey by the Pew Research Center found that 78 percent of U.S. Muslims said the use of suicide bombings against civilian targets to defend Islam is never justified. But 5 percent said it is justified "rarely," 7 percent said "sometimes," and 1 percent said "often"; the remaining 9 percent said they did not know or declined to answer.

Titled "Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream," the Pew report draws a picture of a diverse population of about 2.35 million U.S. Muslims, of which two-thirds of the adults were born abroad, and which has a generally positive view of the larger society.

Most call their communities good or excellent places to live, and most report that a large portion of their closest friends are non-Muslims. They are slightly more satisfied than the general public is with the state of the nation.

On balance, they believe that Muslims coming to the United States should adopt American customs, rather than trying to remain distinct. And they are even more inclined than other Americans to say that people who want to get ahead can make it if they work hard; 71 percent of U.S. Muslims agreed with that statement, compared with 64 percent of the general public.

"What emerges is the great success of the Muslim American population in its socioeconomic assimilation," said Amaney Jamal, an assistant professor of politics at Princeton University who was a senior adviser on the poll. "Given that for the past few years they've been dealing with the backlash from 9/11, these numbers are extremely impressive."

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Are you surprised to see that Muslims in the U.S. are assimilating so well?

I'm a neocon. I will ignore this and continue to spread a message of hate about Muslims
this ballot is already up; and the worry is mostly in other countries

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Submitted by : cranky
Submitted on : May 23,2007 10:51:13 am
ballot title:

Survey: U.S. Muslims Assimilated, Opposed to Extremism

ballot number:115109
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Voted : No
No aside from the extremist Muslims are just as peaceful as anybody else.
^Oh, and did that happen in Texas? Or have they finally stopped lynching people down there for looking at the white women?
"This ballot is already up; and the worry is mostly in other countries."


You were the one that put a similar ballot, but your ballot put Muslims in the U.S. in a negative light. Also, if my ballot is irrelevant because the worry is mostly in other countries, then why did you put up your ballot, which is also about Muslims in the U.S.?

Cranky, that ballot focused on ALL Muslims, not just the ones in the U.S. It's nice to see that US Muslims oppose bombings more than their counterparts in other countries, but like I said, since the other ballot is already up, this ballot seems one-sided as to focus ONLY on American Muslims.
by aya [+]

"Even so, U.S. Muslims are far less accepting of suicide attacks than Muslims in many other nations. In surveys Pew conducted last year, support in some Muslim countries exceeded 50 percent, while it was considered justifiable by about one in four Muslims in Britain and Spain, and one in three in France."

My ballot portrayed US Muslims in a better light than their counterparts in European counterparts. US Muslims are better integrated; I would say moreso than in Canada, as well.
by aya [+]

I mean honestly, if Muslims don't want to be portrayed in a bad light, why is it they stay silent about crimes, like the abovementioned by NG? Why is it you hear about how CAIR is upset about some portrayal on 24, yet not about the numerous crimes against Christians and Bhuddists in Muslim countries?
by aya [+]

Voted : Yes
Good news is nice for a change.
"Americans are not the ones where uncles and cousins drag, in a headlock, a 17-year-old girl through a braying mob of men ~ TNG

(No, they only drag them behind pickup trucks (in TEXAS)when they are Black)

Hey TNG! I guess the James Byrd matter was nothing more than a couple of good ole boys having alittle fun down hospitality Jasper Texas

Hey TNG! I guess the James Byrd matter was nothing more than a couple of good ole boys having alittle fun down hospitality Jasper Texas

Does this happen on a daily basis as many times as honour killings occur?
by aya [+]

What a lil simpleton you are TNG/B_lava, go play with your imginary friend (because I can not believe for one moment you have a real (pinch, OUCH!!!) friend) and leave the serious topic of discussion for the adults
P.S. Justice either moves slowly or don't come at all in Texas for those who are not cut from the same fabric as your pathetic President...

You TNG/B_Lava almost always will jump from apples when the subject is about oranges, try stepping up to the plate and address the issue at hand, why inject Kennedy?

I tell you why, you would rather paint Texas as some symPATHETIC, euphoric and utopia, to imply that ole glory would never jab any American citizen in the arse, regardless of their race...

No, the entire State is not comprised of rabid dog racist, however, for the most part, there frequently are incidents of hate crimes in that state and to deny or ignore it is to go along with it...See how that works? Nah, you more than likely do not, disregard, you genius...

Ted Kennedy was never charged, tried, or convicted of murder.

And just how does accidentally driving your car into a body of water constitute murder?

^Unless, of course, Laura Bush is guilty of murdering her high school ex-boyfriend with HER car.
NoxiousSpore you should have at least half a brain...
Voted : comment
^ Buzz off you crack maggot...

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