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the now famous Rosie O'Donnell versus Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

if you saw the blowup, who do you think won the argument?

Rosie O'Donnell
Elizabeth Hasselbeck

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Submitted by : LCD
Submitted on : May 24,2007 6:33:50 pm
ballot title:

Rosie vs. Elizabeth : who won?

ballot number:115148
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Voted : Rosie O'Donnell
I don't like Rosie O'donnell, but elizabeth hasselbeck is a true idiot.

I guess some people go far on their looks.

by LCD [+]

actually didn't watch the fight until after I made the ballot. I agree with elizabeth, rosie should fight her own battles.
by LCD [+]

Pardon me, but you've clearly mistaken me for someone who *gives* a sh*t. Personally, i was hoping for the Earth to open up and swallow all parties involved. No, I take that back. *No one* wants to see what the Earth might vomit back up...
None of us.

Where's Debbie Matenopoulos when you need her opinion?

I wonder if Rosie can handle being on Survivor.....Nah, she can't.
She is a wimp.

I don't know but I'd rather boink Elizabeth
Voted : Rosie O'Donnell
I have to vote for who annoyed me less. And Elizabeth Hasselbeck with her screechy voice and manic ways made me want to jump from the nearest skyscraper.

Rosie O'Donnell is the lesser of two evils. Even though it's difficult to picture Rosie being the lesser of anything.

Voted : Rosie O'Donnell
Love her or hate her she has the right to her opinions, which millions agree with, without being attacked for her physical appearance... and please, Donald has no room to be trashing someone for their apperance... Elizabeth is a talentless social climber.
by MO_ [+]

A moment of silence, please...

I regret to inform you all those Wosie is aww gone...

You may now return to your regular celebratory states of mind.

Rosie has issues, she's always pissed off at someone.
^^ This coming frmo someone who loves to slate the UK down. Mindy some of your comments i do agree with but your country isnt anywhere near what it was and the funds are dripping away fast. Think before you open your mouth. The saying "people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones" comes into play here. Your country is nearly bankrupt, max house reposessions to feed a debt crisis. Do you not keep up to date with current events? China...are the new kids on the block. Theres a new superpower in town to rule and its names China.
^Hurray for China,I look foward to them becomming the new superpower. The world can start blaming them for all their problems. China can get put under a microscope so the world can pick them apart. I do envy them they have so much to look foward to. I know the US has problems but what country doesn't, can you name me one,we'll work our way out of them. I am an isolationist, I have been so for quite some time. I have stated so before on this site. The US should be taking care of its own. That being said I do support my coutries troops. I have taken care of many an injured soldier comming back from Iraq. I also have a 20yr old newphew in Bosnia and soon to be getting shippied out to Iraq. As far as Rosie O'donnell goes, I stand by my statement, the women has issues. You don't have to disagree with her politically in order for her to go after you. She's admitted self mutilating herself as a child. She broke her own fingers and hands with a wooden bat. She has a lot of underlying anger. I'm not a fan of Elizabeth either or the show they use to be on. So now that I've gotten that off my chest,I'm a very low profile member of this site. I'm one of the oldest members of this site, I've never made a ballot. I hardley ever make a comment compared to most users.If I were never to comment again, nobody would know I was gone, that's how low profile I am. There's also thousands of ballots on this site. Yet in the short time since your return I now find for the second time {and I'll won't be surprised if I come across more} that you've picked on remarks I have made. So did you read a remark I made that pissed you off, then went to check out other remarks I have made? Just chill, I'm not a UK hater.

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