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[+] serious ballot by Kev24

i've been out of commission for nearly 2 weeks with acute bronchitis. the doctor has me on tramadol, cough medicine withe codeine and an antibiotic called biaxin. the antibiotic is the worst! it totally knocks me out and makes me feel worse than the actually symptoms of bronchitis.

technically, he should not have prescribed me any controlled substances like with the codeine, but i won't tell if you don't.

so do you guys have any remedies to help get rid of bronchitis? it's totally knocked my energy down to zip and i stopped taking the antibiotic because it's so rough.

to let you know how rough -- adam and i have not had sex of any kind in over a week. now you know it's bad if i can't have sex.

any ideas?

ride it out
drink a bottle of vodka
drink lots of water
keep taking the antibiotic - get your doc to prescribe one that is less horrible
rest, rest and more rest
Hot tea with honey
Have sex!
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Submitted by : Kev24
Submitted on : May 30,2007 6:54:48 pm
ballot title:

cures for bronchitis

ballot number:115281
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Voted : keep taking the antibiotic - get your doc to prescribe one that is less horrible
You should never stop taking an antibiotic once you've started. It can make things worse, or make the illness come back, just when you thought you had it licked..

Keep taking the cough syrup. I've had bouts with bronchitis, and have found that coughs tend to be self-perpetuating. Once you can stop the cough reflex, you're on the way to recovery.

Also (although it probably doesn't apply to you), don't smoke.

^ thanks. i know it's bad to stop the antibiotic, but it's just so harsh. no smoking? so i guess i have to lay off ligthing up the crack pipe for a while?

kidding. no, i don's smoke.

I have the same problem Kev. It's brutal. Nights will be the worst. When you lie down that's when the caughing fits really kick in. That's when you go for a shot codeine-infused-cough-syrup. Get a prescription from your doctor.
You really can't function on it during the daytime, it messes your head up.

Breathing exercises help. For two or three minutes every couple of hours, take slow deep breaths (as much air as you can draw in) and then exhale.

Also, the doctor has you on cough syrup and tramadol? You sure that's why you're not staying knocked out? Because Tramadol contains a synthetic form of codeine itself. Doc's really got you doped up, doesn't he? lol

Antibiotics can do that. Usually though it's nausea that's the problem until your body adjusts. But like Mojo said, don't quit taking the antibiotic. Bacteria and viruses can become resistant to them if you don't let them completely knock it out.

^ he's always trying to get me hooked on something the big quack. prior to the biaxin he had me take this pill for 3 days -- one a day. i think it was zithro something or other. then the biaxin.

now if he would just prescribe 8 lines of coke a day, i'd be feeling as good as new in no time.

good advice all thanks.

Voted : keep taking the antibiotic - get your doc to prescribe one that is less horrible
Just thank God you didn't start pissing out of your a-hole from the anti-biotics. Keep taking them before you develop pnemonia.
Voted : keep taking the antibiotic - get your doc to prescribe one that is less horrible
Sorry you are not feeling well...
I get bronchitis, too. Codeine makes me so sick. My doctor gives me erythromycin. It really works quickly on me. It's penicillin, so you can't take it if you are allergic. I get rest and drink cool but not cold DISTILLED water. I have recently learned that distilled water is alkaline (good for you) while all tap water and most bottled water is acidic (bad for you). Distilled water tastes better than any bottled I ever had. Tea and honey are both acidic and will actually make your throat dry.

^ What the Wise Lady at the head of the line said.
I stopped smoking, that worked.
^I never started.
Voted : Have sex!
It might help!

OK seriously, i recently had this...bleach everything with pure bleach (counters/floors) and lysol wipes, keep the windows open so sunlight gets in and airs the house and germs completely out, drink fruit water or pure bottled water and lots of it and lemonjuice and honey (lemon cuts the phlegm and honey coats your throat) put it on a tablespoon, take that.
Go to the store and get a bottle of this Tylenol Cold, "Cool flavored" Multi-System Nighttime shit (it's new) and it's in a blue bottle, drink that! I thought it was better than nyquill.
Give yourself a couple of days...oh but trust me the cool burst flavor makes your sick mouth feel so good you may end up having sex anyway, we did

Get well soon

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