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Bush envisions U.S. presence in Iraq like S.Korea

WASHINGTON, May 30 (Reuters) - President George W. Bush would like to see a lengthy U.S. troop presence in Iraq like the one in South Korea to provide stability but not in a frontline combat role, the White House said on Wednesday.

The United States has had thousands of U.S. troops in South Korea to guard against a North Korean invasion for 50 years.

White House spokesman Tony Snow said Bush would like to see a U.S. role in Iraq ultimately similar to that in South Korea.

"The Korean model is one in which the United States provides a security presence, but you've had the development of a successful democracy in South Korea over a period of years, and, therefore, the United States is there as a force of stability," Snow told reporters.

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Troubling. Flawed. Dangerous. Telling. Dan Froomkin on spending the next 50 years in Iraq:

Itís troubling because American troops have been in South Korea for more than 50 years ó while polls show the American public wants them out of Iraq within a year.

Itís flawed because in South Korea, unlike Iraq, thereís something concrete to defend (the border with North Korea); and because Iraq, unlike South Korea, happens to be in a state of violent civil war.

Itís dangerous because the specter of a permanent military presence in Iraq is widely considered to be one of the most inflammatory incitements to Iraqís ever-growing anti-American insurgency, and may even be destabilizing to the entire region.

And itís telling because it gives credence to persistent suspicions that establishing a long-term strategic presence in the Middle East was a primary motivation for this misbegotten war in the first place. (Think Progress)

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Do you agree that the U.S. should have a major military presence in Iraq for the next several decades?

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Submitted by : cranky
Submitted on : Jun 01,2007 11:41:53 am
ballot title:

Bush wants U.S. to stay in Iraq for decades

ballot number:115318
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It's interesting that so many American army bases have been built in Iraq as well as a huge embassy, while schools, roads and basic infrastructure like access to electricity and clean water are still lacking for the average Iraqi.
Voted : No
It's not our job to police Iraq. And it's not our oil to stand guard over. And *isn't* it, though, Mithrandir?
Voted : No
Voted : No
we will though.

Biggest told-you-so I ever had.
by Jyl [+]

Voted : Yes
It's a nice place to send our riffraff

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