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Rice Plays Down Hawkish Talk About Iran

MADRID, June 1 — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sought Friday to minimize any sense of division within the Bush administration over Iran after the head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency delivered a pointed warning against what he called the “new crazies” pushing for military action against Tehran.

“The president of the United States has made it clear that we are on a course that is a diplomatic course,” Ms. Rice said here. “That policy is supported by all of the members of the cabinet, and by the vice president of the United States.”

Ms. Rice’s assurance came as senior officials at the State Department were expressing fury over reports that members of Vice President Dick Cheney’s staff have told others that Mr. Cheney believes the diplomatic track with Iran is pointless, and is looking for ways to persuade Mr. Bush to confront Iran militarily. (NYT)

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Do you think Cheney will be able to persuade Bush to attack Iran?

Not a chance

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Submitted by : cranky
Submitted on : Jun 02,2007 8:30:00 am
ballot title:

Cheney is persuading Bush to attack Iran. Do you think he'll succeed?

ballot number:115335
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Voted : Yes
He convinced him to invade Iraq, and look at the backing evidence he had for *that*.
Would even Bush be that crazy? I hope not.
Voted : Not a chance
suicide. i think even bush has a enough sense to see that. let israel do it.
And when Israel attacks, they should take Joe Lieberman with them, after all, he's already got the helmet, flak jacket, and new sunglasses.
If Israel attacks Iran, Bush will be leading more American Troops to their deaths 2 minutes later...

Not only Bush is that crazy Skylab, he is that INSANELY CRAZY...

Where Israel goes so will Bush, afterall Bush lips are tightly planted on Israel's arse, whereever the dog travels, so will the dog's tail...

Voted : Yes
What Cheney and his handlers want, Cheney gets.

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