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[+] serious ballot by cranky

Invade Iran
Nuclear war
Dump Laura. Marry Condi
Dump Laura. Marry Dick Cheney
Announce that he's going to become president-for-life
Invade France
Declare Spanish to be official U.S. language
He'll go back to drinking
Swearing in President Jeb

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Submitted by : cranky
Submitted on : Jun 06,2007 2:36:55 am
ballot title:

In 18 months, Bush's mission from God will be over. What will his finale be

ballot number:115427
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Voted : Invade Iran
McCaain already dropped the unsubtle hint when he remade that old standard, "Bomb Iran".
Voted : Declare Spanish to be official U.S. language
Bush and his fellow Robber Baron Republicans have guaranteed that the GOP will not win the presidency for another 8 years with this amnesty bill.We can only hope that the socialist in the Democrat party will steer the party in the right direction.
Voted : Swearing in President Jeb
After Bush I and II ...
Can you tell me this:
Why in a supposed "democracy" is it so hard to fire a President (and Vice President) who are currently supported in the execution of their jobs by less than 1/3rd of the public?

Voted : Declare Spanish to be official U.S. language

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