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[+] serious ballot by cranky

Should this suspicious-looking character have been subjected to a full body cavity search just to make extra doubly sure he wasn't an Islamo-fascistic suicide-bombing terrorist?

It's highly unlikely

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Submitted by : cranky
Submitted on : Jun 07,2007 9:57:01 am
ballot title:

Should this potential terrorist have been given a full body cavity search?

ballot number:115452
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Voted : Yes
A terrorist can be anybody of any age,just because he's an old white man doesn't mean he's not an Islamic jihadist.There are white people who are muslims too cranky;albanians etc.
Are there many old, white, Albanian jihadists in the U.S.?
Voted : It's highly unlikely
This reminds me of the time they searched Al Gore (although they knew who he was)...there's too much "superficial" searching going on which is more for show than security to impress the naive among us...that's right up there with the duct tape and plastic scare... while they are feeling up your grandma "Sadir" is back there stowing your luggage and while it makes sense to have EVERYONE go through the metal detectors there are many old war vets that may have metal plates or pins which may warrant a closer look...matter of fact, there are many new young vets, and men and woman that may be on their way to or from the battlefield that will surely set off those alarms....
Is there a story behind this picture? Or did the old man just have a wand pass over him?
The whole terrorist threat thing is a HUGE RED HERRING. It was created by our governments (including so-called 9/11 and many other incidents, possibly as far back as Pearl Harbor - maybe earlier than that) in order to increase the repression of the people.
^Paranoid much keithsheen?
Voted : No
Oh, my...

Unless he was sufficiently double-jointed as to be able to contort the semtex into his shoes in his sleep...

Corrupt- *maybe not paranoid enough*...

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