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[+] ballot by winston

Your country’s leader has just been shot dead and for some strange legal reason it falls upon your head to appoint the new leader of your country. You must choose a user on this site who you believe would do the best job at running your country. You can pick existing users and old users who unfortunately/ fortunately are no longer with us. The only rule is that you cannot pick yourself and you can only name one user. I will start the proceedings off...

Cathexis has my vote
Either England_Patriot or Winston
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Submitted by : winston
Submitted on : Jun 26,2007 4:05:50 pm
ballot title:

Will you lead us BestandWorst user?

ballot number:115872
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Voted : herzog
come on. you all knew i'd choose him.
Voted : mojo
I trust her judgment in all things.
Voted : Cathexis has my vote
He might even want the job :)
mojo was actually my other choice and so was cathexis. though cathexis used to hock me off beyond imagination, face it, that guy was like a boy scout. and that's in the best possible way.
Voted : mojo
Definately mojo. She has not shown herself to be dragging along alot of baggage. And her ego does not seem to rear its head in her ballots and comments.
Definitely Cathexis. He's been on the right and on the left and he's a clever old fellow and I think I could trust his judgement (mainly because he's more on the left now but HEY PEOPLE the right is just ridiculous and if you're not a multi-millionaire who craves world chaos then what the hell are you doing voting for THEM?)
I'm surprised that no-one's nominated Britvic's 'End all wars and turn the world into one big sex/drink and drug fest party'!

Voted : Britvic55
I think he'd make a great leader. A fun one for sure. :)
Voted : Truthseeker013
While i kinda like Brits idea *mwahahaha* i think Truth would make the best leader EVER!

^Thats fucked up. Still I laugh.

Voted : Truthseeker013
And he can nominate me to be the Secretary of "Giggity-giggity-giggity-goo"!
Voted : Winston
Another good one!

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