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[+] ballot by socal_sweetie

I shave my whole body and face
I trim, shave, pluck, whatever makes me look better
I don't even shave my face
I only shave my face
I only shave my face and trim my nose and ear hairs
I trim my body and shave my face, not my armpits
I trim everything but my legs
I don't have to shave anything
I do a little of all of those but not always
I trim everything, shave my face but leave my armspits and legs alone
Sometimes in the summer when it's 100 degrees outside...
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Submitted by : socal_sweetie
Submitted on : Jul 13,2007 12:33:47 pm
ballot title:

MEN, do you trim, wax or shave your bods???

ballot number:116205
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Voted : I only shave my face
no. the only place hair grows on me is exactly where it's supposed to and since it's blond it's not all that noticable. i don't have chest chest hair and certainly no back hair.
Voted : I trim everything but my legs
Got to have those creases and pits short in the summertime. As far as chest hair goes, I could probably pluck them all out in under a minute.

^ i'll pluck em and then sell them on e-bay.

i don't like when guys shave or wax their leg or arm hair. i don't get that. i actually have once or twice trimmed my treasure trail, but it's not all that hairy either so never did it again.

speak up socal!
Well my comments won't show up, BUT i was trying to say i like it when the legs and armpits and stuff are left alone...and some guys look good with chest hair!
Fookin finally my comment shows up!
yes, some guys do look good with chest hair. depends how much. what little i have is super light and like i said, blond, so it's pretty much non-existent. i'd consider that guy in the pic to have a hairy chest.
^^ He's a beast!
yeah, he needs to trim, my husband trims his also, it looks better on those type of bodies IMO.

Beez, you should post pics so you can clearly demonstrate :P



I idn't think that guys chest was too hairy, he's not even that hairy!? lol

^ he's an ape.
Voted : I only shave my face
Not only do I not shave my chest and back hair - I braid it and sometimes decorate it with ornaments and little trinkets. Sexytime!
not really fair then, that we should have to shave our legs, is it?
by aya [+]

Well when you young guys get older you will have to trim your chests, they get hairier. Or you will be as hairy as that guy on the picture. Or hairier if you have dark hair
Voted : I only shave my face
socal, won't have to worry about the chest hair issue. One of the side benefits of having a heart attack- the defibrillator kills all your chest hair. As for other hair- let it grow! If nature wanted us all bald, the DNA would've had hair written out of the subroutines.
Beelz, I would love to see visuals. I like a smooth man. (My husband's chest is like yours -- just a few stray hairs.)
LOTS of men shave their whole bodies and faces...interesting...
CAN we see PROOF, of all this shaving ;)

Pics might be nice, just to see what you guys look like shaved! Just to observe, nothing else.

Now that i came back to this ballot i notice that guy in the pic is really hairy, lol

If a guy is hairy and wants to leave his hair, it should be blonde

blondes can get away with being hairy...mmmm blondes

Voted : I only shave my face
if I don't shave, I look like a 70's pornstar.

and I am too lazy to shave anything else and keep it up
by LCD [+]

Voted : Sometimes in the summer when it's 100 degrees outside...
...because I am slightly less hairy than a Wookiee, and otherwise it can get unbearably hot not to do something about it...
But not the legs...

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