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[+] ballot by _Beelzebubba

I know this ballot has been done before, but it is a slow day for ballots.

Steven Tyler - Aerosmith
Jim Morrison - The Doors
Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin
Michael Hutchence - INXS
Robin Zander - Cheap Trick
Conor Oberst - Bright Eyes
Freddie Mercury - Queen
Johnny Rotten - Sex Pistols
Joe Elliot - Def Leppard
Lou Reed - Velvet Underground
Frank Zappa - The Mothers of Invention
Captain Beefheart - The Magic Band
Bono - U2
David Lee Roth
axl rose
Paul Stanley
David Lee Roth (the young version) - Van Halen
bon scott
Gary Cherone - Extreme/Van Halen III
jon bon jovi - Bon jovi
ed vedder
roger daltrey
Lemmy - Motörhead
Sebastian Bach
james hethfeild metallica
Mick Jagger
Scott Weiland-Stone Temple Pilots
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Submitted by : _Beelzebubba
Submitted on : Jul 17,2007 12:14:57 pm
ballot title:

Who is the best "frontman" in rock and roll?

ballot number:116276
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Voted : Freddie Mercury - Queen
Though all are incredible talents in their own rights, Freddie is Forever in my lexicon.
Voted : Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin
I love watching old clips of Led Zeppelin performing on stage, especially Robert Plant!
Voted : Steven Tyler - Aerosmith
tyler is odd, but cool.
Voted : Robin Zander - Cheap Trick
Does a great live show, never pretentious, works the crowd, and doesn't adhere to the typical Jagger-like cliché. This guy's got my vote.
david lee roth?
i voted for axl rose, but where the hell is kurt cobain?
Wheres Paul Stanley From KISS
^^ Not on the list as well he should be.

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