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On a sliding scale, how good of a President was Carter?
1-- one of the worst to
9-- one of the best

9 - one of the best
1 - one of the worst

Ballot #116286 : SEE RESULTS

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Submitted by : UncleMax
Submitted on : Jul 17,2007 7:53:34 pm
ballot title:

On a sliding scale, how good of a President was Carter?

ballot number:116286
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Voted : 7
how good, or how effective? he's a good man, so that counts for a great deal. reading up on the era it looks like he was not all that effective as a leader. i give him props for being a good human being and trying. then i look at the reagan legacy and no doubt, that man was an outstandling leader and history is bearing that out. was reagan a kinder man and more of a humanitarian than carter? i don't know the answer to that.
now we can all watch while peeps with no balls vote and don't show their vote with a comment. wimps.
Voted : 7
I still believe that his Presidency was sabotaged. The day he walks out the door, the hostages are freed? Sure. Right. Whatever.

In terms of policy, he could've done better, I'll admit as much.

Voted : 5
He meant well, but a better person should have been chosen to run against Reagan.
I guess the Spam Man hasn't shown up yet.
This ballot will be fiddlefaddled. He won't be able to resist.
Voted : 5
Of course "1" is winning.

He got dealt a shitty economy to try and fix, but he should have done something more than crashing a few helicopters to get those hostages out of Iran.

Hi B&W spammer -- you won, baby!
What did the spammer win? a lexus? :-I
don't mind the obsessive compulsive self appointed "isrealite" voting over and over again for the "worst" option.

yeah that's right, I see you.
by LCD [+]

Voted : 7
Prior to Bush, about a 5. These days, more like a 7. But I was less than a year old when he left office, so what would I know anyway?
Voted : 1 - one of the worst
Carter was an embarrassment.

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