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[+] ballot by socal_sweetie

Bikini or board short tan lines, not farmers tans

I prefer all tan, no tan lines
Tan lines are SEXY
I don't like tans at all
Tan lines are sexy on certain people!
they turn me on lol
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Submitted by : socal_sweetie
Submitted on : Aug 07,2007 4:43:32 pm
ballot title:

Are tan lines sexy?

ballot number:116775
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sometimes, when I see a girls tan line, I think what turns me on if from Bikini, I'm seeing a part of her body that even an itsy bitsy bikini covered.

Do you know what I'm trying say?

Voted : Tan lines are SEXY
I don't really think the white ass is all that sexy though, just the little you are showing in that pic to me is sexy.
lol yeah Larry, i know.

Like board shorts...i love the way the tan line looks on a guy in board shorts! But not if they guy is too pale.

I have brazillian cut bikini tan lines so i was wondering if ppl like tan lines. In that pic she's wearing boy short bottoms...I love my tan right now, and hubby, he's getting a nice tan. Still not as tan as me tho :P

Voted : comment
One time, at a beach party, we pulled a great tan line joke on somebody. We wrote with sunblock on the back of a passed out drunken party goer: "$50 bucks for sexual favors."
God was he pissed. Nobody ratted anybody else out. Needless to say, he stopped partying with us.
I don't know how long it took him to get rid of the "tan lines"

Voted : Tan lines are sexy on certain people!
Depends on the person.
Voted : comment
a sexy girl is always sexy, but i think my farmer tan is to die for
by ABC [+]

Voted : I don't like tans at all
I don't need the extra melanin to notice a woman.
Voted : comment
Don't knock farmer tans until you've seen them on some of the farmers I see around here.

No need to worry about the dorky tanlines from short sleeve shirts when they don't even wear a shirt.

^ you should post some pictures of that! lol

ABC you too, haha

I have never thought of a farmer as being sexy with tan lines and all, but i don't get out much, haha
^ You just haven't seen the right farmers with the right kind of tan lines. ;)
Well girl, you need to post some pictures, hehehehe ;P

I don't get out of CA enough, HA!!

Voted : I prefer all tan, no tan lines
tan lines look silly. Go for an allover tan. It looks much better
Voted : Tan lines are SEXY
I agree. If you're seeing a part previously covered by a bikini, that's all good!
Voted : Tan lines are SEXY
This is a ridiculous question, but im gonna say tan lines are sexy

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