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[+] joke ballot by LCD

comeon now, there must be someone out there who can turn you gay!

Brad Pitt
G. W. Bush
Nope, not a one!
Daniel Craig
chris evans
Harrison Ford
Robert Pattinson
andrew van wyngarden, kevin barnes
The guy who pays the most?
Gerard Butler
Orlando Bloom
Mark Wahlberg
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Submitted by : LCD
Submitted on : Aug 22,2007 4:48:12 pm
ballot title:

Straight men : Who would you turn gay for?

ballot number:117255
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i think you might be gay lcd. you has alot of "gay" questions.

I think almost any str8 guy would go gay for Brad Pitt, hehee~
"i think you might be gay lcd. you has alot of "gay" questions"

maybe, you never know! :_)
by LCD [+]

^ hmmmm.

seriously though i have a str8 friend who seems obsessed with jesse metcalf. so much so i think he would go gay for him, even if just for a night.

^hint : he's not straight :)
by LCD [+]

who my friend or jesse metcalf?
I could never have sex with Brad Pitt or George W Bush
^what about for Jesse Metcalf
^ no, men don't arouse me
^ keep telling yourself that lar.

yes,yes, i'm kidding you.

^ I know
^ I mean I know you are kidding:)
^ Lol, so young, so confused.
Voted : Nope, not a one!
It's women for me. Easier since I got the Ladies of B&W Catalog...
And sorry, but I'm not allowed to pass it around, guys.
Voted : Daniel Craig
See him in a bathing suit as OO7.....WOOF, WOOF, WOOF.
I would definitely.
Orlando Bloom :) Especially in lord of the rings ...

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