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George W Bush has to step down after next year due to the 2-term limit. I'll say it again because it sounds so good.George W Bush has to step down after next year due to the 2-term limit, but who should replace him as 44th president? (I'll allow non U.S. citizens)

Dick Cheney
Al Gore
Tony Blair
Michael Moore
Jeb Bush
Dennis Kucinich
Tesco Vee
Mike Huckabee
Ron Paul
bush's daughter
Barack Obama
John McCain
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Anderson Cooper [in 2012?]
Howard DEAN
Bill O'Reily
Jesse Ventura
Ben Stein
a Native American Indian
denis kucinich
An illegal alien
One of the Duck Dynasty guys
An space alien.
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Submitted by : Andrew_Anorak
Submitted on : Nov 01,2007 4:52:29 pm
ballot title:

Who would you like to see as next US president?

ballot number:119105
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Voted : Jeb Bush
I'd like to see another blueblood take the office so people will finally wake the uk up.

Do you think anyone will seriously vote for the "Dick"?

Voted : Tom Tancredo


Voted : Ron Paul


Voted : John McCain
He may be a Republican and a 'Conservative' and spouts all that typical party line stuff, but, he must be a safer bet than the others above... He also comes across as probably the most 'presidential'...
Voted : a Native American Indian
Do we have anyone in the wings who could assume the mantel of First Chief of the United States, in the upcoming years ahead?! This would be a feather in the cap of our original American inhabitants, it would be wonderful for the whole country!
I would say myself, only US President seems to be a stressful job, plus I don't really care about people. (Wait, that might not even be a criteria.) I wouldn't mind being an absolute dictator who pockets everyone's money.
Voted : denis kucinich
if i cant get denis kucinich then i will take the native american
We have had a Native American as our Vice President before in the late 1920s.

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