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Submitted by : RunsWithScissors
Submitted on : Dec 17,2007 11:13:56 pm
ballot title:

How much does a mail order bride cost?

ballot number:121888
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Voted : $8,000
Whatever it is I'm using the money for video games and internet lol.
that's shocking.

my last order to dell was about that much. and we are talking about a human being?
by LCD [+]

Voted : $5,000
Well now, let me see...
Lucky guess, cripes, I cudda got one of 'em instead of this "real doll"
Voted : $5,000
A guess. Maybe I could have saved some money this way.
First class or registered post?
Voted : $12,000
I'm just guessing, because I've never had to pay for one. Usually, other guys order them for themselves and, when they catch my MySpace page, they end up on my doorstep...
It depends on the the bodywork.

That gives me an idea though, what about a used, second hand mail order bride dealership?

Would you buy a used bride? Good little runner, low mileage, firm undercarriage etc etc. :o)

Voted : $8,000
Guessing. It has got to be better than the deal than I got. Mine cost me a house and a car.
Voted : $5,000
I can't even afford one of those. ;(
^ buy one on credit, like everyone else :)
by LCD [+]


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