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[+] serious ballot by Psycho_Frighead

There is none
North Korea
The Netherlands
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Submitted by : Psycho_Frighead
Submitted on : Jan 15,2008 5:28:43 pm
ballot title:

Name a country that has more freedom than the USA

ballot number:122521
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They seem to be able to do pretty much anything, without penalty of law.
^ The Netherlands
Voted : Norway
For what it's worth, based on my own experience. But who here is really in a position to judge?

Now, moving on... who can tell me which country has the most ambivalence? Or perhaps glee?

I'd say with the exception of Mexico and maybe the UK (considering Northern Ireland) that all those countries have more freedom than us in most areas in the fact that they have more liberties in their private lives. Of course without looser gun laws you can't claim to have freedom FROM government. When the chips are down an ak47 can be quite useful.
^ But WITH gun laws you at least have freedom from each other...
I don't even know why North Korea is up there!
Voted : Belgium
the usa is fascist and authoritarian.

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