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[+] joke ballot by _Beelzebubba

...of your shoe when punting a football?

Should I nail that thing with just the tip, or try to land it on the tongue of the shoe to give the ball some spin and farther distance?

Using the tounge produces more accurate results.
It depends if you got a good long snapper.
I wouldn't know. I punt barefoot.
It depends if the punt returner is a wide receiver or a tight end.
Depends on the temperature...
What kind of hang-time are you looking for?

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Submitted by : _Beelzebubba
Submitted on : Mar 31,2008 3:26:49 pm
ballot title:

How important is it to work the balls with the tongue?

ballot number:125243
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Voted : Using the tounge produces more accurate results.
The tip is never enough to get what you want.
Voted : Depends on the temperature...
If it's cold, there's a considerable risk of one's tongue freezing on the ball.
Talk to me when you're refering to true Football. Not the Americanized version with that stupid, odd shaped ball. :)
Voted : What kind of hang-time are you looking for?
Seriously, any football advice here? How do the professionals do it?

I can kick the shit out of it with the front of a steel-toe boot, but I have no accuracy and usually shank it.

I can use an athletic shoe and land it on the shoelaces, add some spin and get an accurate spiral, but not as much distance.

(I play football with my son in my yard which is 66 yards long.)

I'm sorry, patch.

It's what they call "Fútbol Americano" out west.

Voted : Using the tounge produces more accurate results.
no doubt.

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