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[+] joke ballot by Psycho_Frighead

Tell him to cut his s*** out...
Realize that he's probably just getting spanked too much and that's why he's the way he is...
Call Rebecca Gayheart's agent
Give him a wedgie
Threaten to send him to clown college
Have anal sex with his mom and film it to show him
Sounds like my boss, live with it.
Punch him out

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Submitted by : Psycho_Frighead
Submitted on : Mar 31,2008 10:38:43 pm
ballot title:

Some kid is annoying me...what should i do?

ballot number:125255
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Beat him to a pulp. His parent propbably pamper him.
Voted : Threaten to send him to clown college
That would keep me quiet for the rest of my life.
Voted : Sounds like my boss, live with it.
That is of course... If you are not bigger ar stronger than he is.

If you are, Open a can of Whoop Ass!

Voted : Call Rebecca Gayheart's agent
She ran over a kid with her car, if anybody's wondering why this choice is on here...
First of all don't have kids!

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