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[+] joke ballot by fivenotes

Bread look like?
I mean would they be missing parts like the bread without a brain in the pic or no crust?
How about misshaped like the bread that is just wormlike or one side crust and the other side bread?
How about bread people? maybe bread was bread people first and we have been inbreeding them for our own food use? Ever think of that? HMMMMMMM!!!!

OMG we killed bread people!
I like bread without crust so it's that.
No brain bread.
Little rolls of bread.
Hamburger buns and/or hotdog buns.
How sad
All enders
They would be born moldy
Melba Toast
They'd at least know how to play the banjo.
this is fuckin stupid

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Submitted by : fivenotes
Submitted on : Apr 01,2008 2:34:33 pm
ballot title:

What would inbred children of...

ballot number:125265
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And yes before someone says anything I ate my food after playing with it LMAO.
Voted : How sad
That's so sad! No slice of bread should ever have to live like that.
Voted : OMG we killed bread people!

Voted : How sad
I think they'd end up looking like moldy bread. It would be misshapen, moldy and horrible looking. Sort of like Laura Bush. :)
Voted : All enders
And they would go eternally unloved and uneaten... (sob)
Voted : They would be born moldy
Instant mold. No waiting. Such a convenience! Greatest thing since sliced bread. You could make a movie about it called "The Bourne Moldy".
Voted : Melba Toast
Named after their cracker mother.
And toasted father.

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