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Today, lawmakers bemoaned the billions in profits by big oil companies, as their constituents complain about record costs for gasoline, diesel and heating oil in a rare hearing with executives from the five largest oil and gas companies.

They are going to straighten this mess out, right?

April fools! HAHAHAHAH!
I can't believe anybody fell for that!

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Submitted by : _Beelzebubba
Submitted on : Apr 01,2008 3:38:08 pm
ballot title:

U.S. Congress orders oil companies to lower fuel prices...

ballot number:125268
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Voted : April fools! HAHAHAHAH!
Next, they're going to help bail out those affected by predatory lending and the mortgage crisis (namely, the banks).
Voted : I can't believe anybody fell for that!
How can they? As much as I hate it, the Oil companies don't set the PB price.
Also, people forget that turning Oil into Gasoline, for example, is not an easy process.
Voted : I can't believe anybody fell for that!
Voted : April fools! HAHAHAHAH!
Ha Ha. Good one, but even if oil companies did lower fuel prices, you and I would never see those lower prices at the gas station.
Voted : I can't believe anybody fell for that!
I don't believe that this is serious and if it is, congress has no right to order a private company to charge less for its product/service. It's capitalism people. A company has the right to charge someone whatever it wants. If you don't like the price, don't buy it. I feel this way even though I am not happy with the high prices.

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