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[+] joke ballot by thesoothsayer

Male or female, movie/TV personality, girl/boy next door, politician, maybe your best friends's mama... who do you wanna see get up on that pole and work it ?

Obama Girl
Jessica Simpson
Tim McGraw
Avril Lavigne
Doctor Phil
Richard Simmons
Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
John McCain
Jimmy Carter
Ann Coulter
Rush Limbaugh
June Foray
Fred Phelps
Condoleeza Rice
Nancy Pelosi
Bill O'Reilly
Dick Cheney
Rosie O'Donnel
Donald Trump
Osama Bin Laden
Carrot Top
Bea Arthur
Harvey Fierstein
Danny DeVito
Tom Jones
Reverend Jeremiah Wright
naked condi
AnnCoulter WITH RevJeremiah Wright
Sarah Palin
Michelle Obama
Victor Webster

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Submitted by : thesoothsayer
Submitted on : Apr 01,2008 8:48:07 pm
ballot title:

Who Do You Wana See Pole Dance ?

ballot number:125273
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Voted : Richard Simmons
Richard Simmons. Just for the sheer curiosity.
Voted : Condoleeza Rice

Condi ?

Voted : Avril Lavigne
All the other choices are just too horrifying. Even if it is a joke ballot...

*looks away*

Voted : Doctor Phil
I want to be Miss America.

ballot #2298

Voted : Nancy Pelosi
Young Nancy...

uh..the woman in the picture above, is she anorexic?
by aya [+]

Voted : Doctor Phil
"Sigmund Freud not withstanding, sometimes a big pole is just a big pole."

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