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Submitted by : Psycho_Frighead
Submitted on : Apr 02,2008 11:01:00 pm
ballot title:

Would you waterboard a relative for $1,000,000?

ballot number:125285
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Voted : Yes
How long? Actually it doesn't matter. If I promised to split it, I guarantee any of my relatives would be more than willing.
Voted : Comment below
P_F, whyfor you try so hard to tempt poor me? First cookies, then punching neocons, now waterboarding relatives...
Voted : No
Just tickle them and make them pee themselves over and over.
hmmm. my aunt helen has been hocking me off lately.
Voted : Comment below
ONLY if they agreed to it and we split the money 40-60 . . . after all, they'd be the ones suffering.
Sure, how soon can I get started and is there a limit to how many relatives I can sign up?
Voted : Comment below
To what point?
To be honest, I would waterboard some of my relatives for free.
Voted : Yes
There's not much I wouldn't do for a a million.

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