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[+] joke ballot by thesoothsayer

Let's give Fiddy a chance... qualifications... street smarts... experience (been shot up) understands war... (been shot up) didn't dodge the "sniper fire" (been shot up) went from "rags to riches" with mike in his hand... understands pain (been shot up) .... not too old (may not get old if he keeps gettin' shot up...) so, how 'bout it ? Or maybe... how 'bout 'Hammer' ???
(he's too legit to quit)... and he don't play dat... Or, how about MJ ? He'll even watch your kids for ya...

Fiddy Cent for Prezident !!!
It's Hammer time !!!
Vanilla Ice !!!
Mike !!!
M & M !!!
I'd rather have 300 year old ape shit for president.

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Submitted by : thesoothsayer
Submitted on : Apr 03,2008 8:31:54 pm
ballot title:

Fiddy Cents For Prezident ?

ballot number:125302
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Voted : Fiddy Cent for Prezident !!!

what's that big thing he's wearing?

does wanna be like flavor flav?
by LCD [+]

Voted : Fiddy Cent for Prezident !!!
Why not? By now, we ought to be used to having a crackhead in the white house.
Its 50 cent- not fiddy centz- and anybody not familar with his acting success should be ashamed for what they say about him. Check out the movie- "Streets of Blood" with co/star Val Kilmer and then come back and make fun of this guy!

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