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Good always triumphs over evil
Everyone shares
The world revolves around you
You never have to get old if you fly off to never never land
That life gets better as you get older
All Priests are good
Life is fair
Everyone will do what you want if you are loud enough
You have the world by the tail.
Banks are there to help you
That life is fair. It isn't
The government is there to help you
That Daddy is superman
That God exists
Black people are decent human beings!

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Submitted by : RunsWithScissors
Submitted on : Apr 04,2008 1:03:24 am
ballot title:

Misconceptions that children have about the world?

ballot number:125306
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Voted : I thought we lived on the INSIDE of the earth
When my Dad showd me a globe of the world, I thought we lived on the inside. I asked him why airplanes didn't fly into the side of the earth when trying to get out. He had no clue what I was talking about.
Voted : Everyone will do what you want if you are loud enough
My daughter had the idea when she was little that screaming and having a temper tantrum would solve anything. Worked with my wife, didn't work with me. I just took her upstairs, sat down in front of the door (blocking it) and stared at her until she realised that all her yelling wasn't going to get her anywhere. Didn't need to spank her or anything like that.
When in reality, nothing is ever fair.

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