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everything you ever wished for.

one day he/she sits you down and tells you that they have Syphillis, Gonorrea, herpes, and some Feline sex virus.

Would you continue your relationship? explain why.


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Submitted by : LCD
Submitted on : Apr 07,2008 5:58:55 pm
ballot title:

You meet the person of your dreams

ballot number:125590
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Voted : No
Because I don't want what they have.
Voted : Yes
If she's the person of my dreams, then sex figures little into the equation. And, when it does, Deity made these things called prophylactics.
Voted : Yes
I love this person and i would rather die than not be with him..Well um yes i would still date him only if he is fucking fine what do you think i would do leave him on the street for someone else to get with him i love making people jelous and if hez hott i would get a disease fucking him gosh....
"Feline sex virus." LOL
Voted : No
I would realize he (in my case) had not been forthcoming about his past. Even if he had no diseases, finding out he had not been forthcoming about his past would turn me off cold.
Also, the person of my dreams would not have done what it takes to get all these diseases. His revelation would be a wake up call. Let's just hope we had not been intimate when he "decides" to tell me.
Voted : Yes
That's easy no sex lol. I'm still a virgin now and still breathing.
I would wanna find out the story behind the Feline sex virus though. Crazy school days I bet:).


"Also, the person of my dreams would not have done what it takes to get all these diseases."


Voted : No
No because he had never told me that he had fucked different people, or that he ever suspected that he had one of those diseases or all. I would leave him, even if I really loved him, because I don't want to get infected. I'm 100% pro-life, and also a humanitarian :)
Voted : No
The girl oh my dreams is std free.
Voted : Yes
I already have all that shit anyway.
Voted : No
hell no what if he has aids too?!
Voted : Yes
well chances are i already have what they have. syphillis and gonorrhea are cureable and herpes is manageable with antivirals, so it's not the end of the world.

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