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[+] joke ballot by UncleMax

Who would make a better President of the USA of the two? B. Spears or K. Federline
( I know that most do not care for either..but if you HAD to choose...who would be better?

Brittany Spears
Kevin Federline

Ballot #125593 :
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Submitted by : UncleMax
Submitted on : Apr 07,2008 6:30:42 pm
ballot title:

Who would make a better President of the USA? Spears or Federline?

ballot number:125593
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Voted : Brittany Spears
She'd at least keep things fun and interesting. :)
If either of them somehow became president I would move to Canaduh.
I couldn't answer that because, given the two options, I'd either be leading the coup or on my way to Nunavuat....
This question makes a great argument for the second amendment.
Voted : Kevin Federline
kevin has moments of looking hot. he'd do okay by me.
Voted : Kevin Federline
My man K-Fed has a way achieving prosperity and popularity with no discernable talent.

That's one better than Bush.

Either of them would suck. I'd move to singapore or something.
I'd rather vote Bush a third term.

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