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American Olympic gold medalist and outspoken Darfur activist Joey Cheek has had his visa revoked by China, just hours before the speedskating champion was set to fly to China.

China doesn’t need a reason to revoke a visa, but in their view they had plenty of reasons to revoke Cheek's. Joey Cheek is the founder of Team Darfur, a peaceful group of 70 athletes whose goal it is to raise global awareness of the human-rights violations that are taking place in the Darfur region of Sudan. China's military, economic and diplomatic ties to Sudan have been well-publicized in the lead-up to the Games.

Said Cheek of his ban in a prepared statement:
"I am saddened not to be able to attend the Games. The Olympic Games represent something powerful: that people can come together from around the world and do things that no one thought were possible. However, the denial of my visa is a part of a systemic effort by the Chinese government to coerce and threaten athletes who are speaking out on behalf of the innocent people of Darfur.

Cheek was going to China to support the athletes on Team Darfur and to promote the cause, which is one that he has championed for many years. Cheek won gold in the Torino Games and donated his $25,000 USOC bonus to Darfur and he implored his sponsors to do the same.

Joey Cheek is widely perceived as being on of the good guy and now he is out of China before he even got there. With the Games just two days away, it seemed that the world was ready to temporarily forget about all the Chinese issues in order to focus on the Games themselves. Unfortunately, many believe, China's actions make that impossible.

I cannot begin to even understand why the Chinese government would make such a gaff so close to the games. They seem unable to change really. Was their action just, or unjust?

China is wrong to do this
China is right to do this
It's China, what do you expect?
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Submitted by : JimmyJams
Submitted on : Aug 06,2008 8:01:26 am
ballot title:

Olympian Refused Entry to China

ballot number:128902
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Voted : China is wrong to do this
I believe Cheeks was attending the games and not competing.
I wish people would leave political opinions so those who are allowed to have them. Those students that died in their hundreds at Tianemen Square, they weren't allowed to have them. Those faceless Commie beaurocracts that carrying on the bogus legacy of some evil, European, middle-class arsehole are allowed to have them, because they have tanks.

Free Tibet.

Voted : China is wrong to do this
we should prevent Yao Ming from returning from China.
by LCD [+]

In another development, some yank athletes arrived wearing air purification masks. That upset China so to keep the peace, the athletes apologised. Here's the kicker though. Apparently many athletes have been issued the masks from all countries due to the horrid pollution. Guess they'll have to apologise too. Totally absurd.
They're right by their standards, even though I don't agree with them. But it's their country, they can keep whoever out that they want for whatever reasons that they see fit. It's not like this is the first time they've not let someone enter their country because of their political views. And the Olympic committee didn't see this coming?

I was wondering how long it would be before they started showing their true colors like this.

Voted : It's China, what do you expect?
One more reason Truth will be boycotting the Olympics.

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