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[+] serious ballot by UncleRandy

Nature Magazine Features Two Sets Of Twins

The back and front covers from a recent issue of Nature.

Really now. Coincidence? Or RACISM and ELITISM and possibly SPECIESISM at work? It does, however, raise a good point about dogs' noses and the candidates' positions on them, and how that relates to science.

(The article about dogs is that nose print on dogs are like human fingerprints).

What your impression?

One dog looks hopeful. The other looks confused.
Both of those yellow dogs are old.
Only one of these four dogs has a bitch for a running mate. Care to guess which one?
The 2008 Election has indeed gone to the dogs.
They both look adorable. c'mere smoochy woochies!
They new people would talk about the covers, and what better way to get publicity.
Never trust a politician - Republican OR Democrat
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Submitted by : UncleRandy
Submitted on : Oct 08,2008 7:57:40 pm
ballot title:

Obarkma Vs. McCanine

ballot number:130887
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