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[+] joke ballot by ladyshanalyn

to show a pic of your genitalia?

Why do so many people do this? It is like "Hello, I am rick" and suddenly you have a picture that is obviously a human part, yet not a human face??? Is this good internet ettiquette to send pictures of your privates to people?

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Submitted by : ladyshanalyn
Submitted on : Dec 23,2008 6:18:15 pm
ballot title:

Is it considered good internet ettiquette

ballot number:131938
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Voted : no


^ lol
Shut up, and show us yer c#*%!!
It may be the type of sites you hang around on, Shana.
What sites are they, by the way? ;oP
^ IM? lol, I get hit hard cause of freakin Myspace.
Voted : no
you gotta stop hanging around those porn chat rooms :)
by LCD [+]

I dont!!! This is embarresing :( Come on I know it happens to other people...
Someone on here sent me a naked pic of herself once, lol, there was a load of us on the chat and she told me to check my email. She'd written I (heart) IC in lipstick across her stomach. Ahhh, the memories.

You got any lippy, lady? Hehe.

I think you were on the chat with us.

Voted : no
Sorry, you can't see mine...
^ Aww, at least your cool with it, lol. Try shaking it it gets bigger. :o)
I have seen many wrong things while playing video games online...
Voted : no
ladyshana, the laws against that were renewed almost unanimously... ;-D
Voted : no
It's deranged.
ladyshana, it used to, especially in the SF-related groups I'm in. (Geeks need love too, I guess their rationale is...)
Hmmmm... I just don't get it, LOL. I mean anyone could get a hold of it.
Voted : no
why why why????

people are so silly - what will their grandchildren think when they come across it someday???

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