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[+] ballot by LCD

well not much of a miracle, but here it goes.

my small gift to all users.

I am actually gonna spend the next 30 min working on the website.

something that always bothered me is that anybody can sneak a peek at the answers on quizzes. It would be better if there is about 20 votes before the answer is actually shown.

not only that, it would make a small comment that says "quiz answer is revealed" so that people who commented before that would have the bragging rights if they got it right.

so I am lying down in my bed, watching it's a wonderful life, and piddling with the code for the first time in months.

Merry christmas everyone. check back in about an hour.

good idea, or bad idea?

good idea
bad idea

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Submitted by : LCD
Submitted on : Dec 25,2008 1:49:43 am
ballot title:

Christmas Miracle 2008

ballot number:131955
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Voted : good idea
I like it very much.
there. done.
by LCD [+]

Voted : good idea
And a ery Merry Christmas to you, and all here as well!
uhm, and if it doesn't get 20 votes which is likely.... no one who voted will learn the answer. Bad idea.
Voted : bad idea
^That's what I worry about. I think 20 votes is too high an amount.
well numbers can be adjusted. should I make it 10?
by LCD [+]

Not sure if it's a good or bad idea. By the time ten people vote, the previous voters won't remember to check back to see the quiz answer.

Is there a way you can set this up so that the quiz answer can't be seen until it's voted on? That way, even if you vote wrong, the answer will still show once you've voted.

^I think 10 is a good amount, yes. But then the 11th voter on can see the answer before voting.

Is there any way it can be done so only people who have voted on quiz can see the answer? Meaning you'd have to vote to see the answer and result. I remember some sites that held surveys like this.

Most people won't remember to go back or care. You will probably get less voting on quizzes as a result.
yup yup! :)
Voted : good idea
i like it

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