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[+] ballot by passiveson

This ballot asks, Who's the most Intellectual, Smartest, Wisest, Wittiest, Scholarly user on best and worst? IMHO, It is Felix, but your opinion is what matters, so add a name!

I Am
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Submitted by : passiveson
Submitted on : Jan 12,2009 7:20:44 pm
ballot title:

Call Me Smart, Intellectual or Idiot?

ballot number:132172
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Voted : I Am
This site is beneath Me! :-)
Voted : I Am
I'm not an idiot, contrary to that press someone wrote about me, ergo...
I don't think that I can name just one person who fits the description of "Intellectual, Smartest, Wisest, Wittiest, Scholarly" as you say.

Each person here contributes a little something different to the site. While one person may be the smartest, another person is the wittiest, and yet another user may be the wisest. It's the combination of it all that makes this site what it is!

^ So list them Hunny!

Sorry to interupt your B&W user penis massaging ballot, but OK, you're an Idiot.

'interrupt' even.
^when someone gets suspended, their entries leading to their suspension should be listed on their page.

play nice if you can.
by LCD [+]

Don't sweat it El, He's quite harmless.
LCD, before you pass comment check your facts. This asshole makes private messages and comments(on other ballots)at my expense (after sucking up to you and making broken promises), and the twat will get it back.

But you suspend away, m8, I'm sure your gf will laugh, at your expense, at the way he's manipulated you, again!

And pASSive, you are less than nothing to everyone around here.

A wart on the ass of B&W who luckily, for everyone here, can only budget a few hours of dial up internet a week.

^ How sweet, I get your attention constantly, M8.

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