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[+] joke ballot by passiveson

...your 6" balls can't get a 12" cock to rise?

Find a hooker
Talk to a psychologist
Hire a plumber
Keep it to myself
Post it on Best and Worst
Play with it
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Submitted by : passiveson
Submitted on : Jan 12,2009 8:30:49 pm
ballot title:

What do you do when....

ballot number:132173
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Voted : Keep it to myself
I ain't tellin' anyone!
Voted : Find a hooker
You really need to get yourself a girlfriend!
I have one, but if you think you can top her...I'd like to...uh...never mind!
Blow up ones don't count. ;o)
^ Damn, and I love love that doll too!
You joke, but even vinyl women leave you for someone else. Why don't you hound her for maintenance, years after the event, too. ;o)
^ You'll never win my affection with flattery m8, But I certainly entertain all the attention. :)

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