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[+] serious ballot by fivenotes

Who here is pissed off or at least irritated by me? You know anything I do or mostly say or write. However you wanna look at it.

I know some of you are. Believe me I have a lot of hate mail even but at least I get mail:). I'm very use to it so just go ahead and spill your guts.
I know some people would just love it if I got ran over by a reindeer and then thrown off a roof but oh well not gonna happen.

Yay. I am.
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Submitted by : fivenotes
Submitted on : Jan 19,2009 2:51:29 pm
ballot title:

Just wondering.

ballot number:132265
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Voted : Nay.
I do wonder about some of your ballots at times
Voted : Nay.
^What wildcard said.
Voted : Nay.
I tend to overlook you is about as bad as it gets :-)
Voted : Nay.
Gamer with a f***ed up sense of humor. That's like... my favorite kind of person tbh.
Voted : Nay.
Not at all. You've a marvelous sense of humor. Slightly in outer space kind of humor, but refreshing just the same.
Voted : Nay.
I've said this to you and dozens of others I talk with online. You remind me of myself back in my salad daze. Can't hate myself when I was clicking on all cylinders, can I?
If anyone runs you over with anything, they've got *me* to deal with.
Voted : Nay.
I took a look at your joke ballots and cracked up laughing. I like your style of humor.
Voted : Nay.
I like your stuff. Your ballots are a little strange sometimes, but they're harmless and fun.
Voted : Nay.
I can't believe anyone would send you hate mail. I think your humor is uninhibited and creative. Keep on truckin'.
Voted : Nay.
You're cool by me my friend. Just wish you'd play some other five notes, those are starting to grate my nerves :o)
Voted : Yay. I am.
sometimes, by some really off color ballots, but rarely.

I think you are a good guy. just remember things you put online lives forever.
by LCD [+]

Voted : Nay.
Don't know you well enough to hate you
Voted : Nay.
You're a good guy.

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