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[+] ballot by LCD

stupid t-mobile.

I get to this website about 30% of the time. other 70% of the time, it points to the old server, thanks to their incompetence in maintaining their DNS server.

Do you get each and everytime now?

by the way, our traffic is way up, we broke the 100,000th mark and climbing, thanks to the newer faster server.

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Submitted by : LCD
Submitted on : Jan 20,2009 10:23:34 pm
ballot title:

do you get this website 100% of the time?

ballot number:132286
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Voted : Yes
Haven't had any trouble at all.
Voted : Yes
Works slick for me. Front page stalls for me ~1/2 the time, but a refresh cures that.
Voted : Yes
Even better since I ditched the aforementioned T-Mobile for another service. Well, I take back "ditched". Wasn't their fault that the card had a complete nervous breakdown...
Voted : No
the front page "stalls"??

let me know what it does exactly (how far it loads before stalling), that's not right.
by LCD [+]

Voted : Yes
Yes and hooray for the 100,000th record.
Just the top banner will show up. It'll load like 5 seconds later, or immediately if I hit refresh. It's probably something on my end as my computer is ghettooooo.
Voted : Yes
It seems to be working fine now as opposed to being "too busy" before the change...
Voted : Yes
Never a problem from my shortcut bar.

This newer, faster server, are they like east coast because the time is 3 hrs ahead of me, that's different?

yeah, it's located in NY, I should set it to PST, where I am usually at.

actually, it's about time I customize it for each user...
by LCD [+]

Voted : Yes
It's 'Comcastic' and loads without a hitch.
Voted : Yes
For a given definition of "get"

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