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[+] ballot by wildcard

Why is the website running so slowly?

I thought it had been upgraded to a new 'lightspeed' server now? It's taking ages to get to anything on here, seems to be quite a time delay.

I've tested my connection and it's operating at full speed so I know the problem is not my end.

What could be the cause of the slowdown?

Problem with the new server
Problem with the old Webby

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Submitted by : wildcard
Submitted on : Feb 09,2009 6:18:41 pm
ballot title:

Why so slow, Joe?

ballot number:132534
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I haven't had any problems at all. Perhaps I was not on at the same time as you though.
how long did you experience this?

I doubt this happened for more than 5 min. if it did, there's something going screwy, and it might not be my server.
by LCD [+]

I noticed the server was on for 18 days straight, I just rebooted it, see if it's faster for you.
by LCD [+]

Hi LCD, this has been happening for several days now. Things still loading pretty slowly.

I haven't changed anything on my PC and have browsed other sites today with no problem.

still slower?
by LCD [+]

there must be something going on in the networks.

where are you?
by LCD [+]

I'm noticing the same. This ballot just took about 5 seconds to open.
Not slow for me. Had more trouble getting into my primary e-mail account than here, and *they* have *problems*.
Hey, it's fast again now.

So whatever you've done to it today seems to have worked.

A lot of the functions come up as

Not Found
The requested document was not found on this server.

Web Server at

does this have anything to do with the slow-down?

Since I updated Iexplorer to IE 7.0, I've noticed a frequent delay and often failure of web pages overall from opening. Most often it's pages utilizing Java Script functions, Active X controls and Shockwave Flash animations.

I click the refresh button and it'll immediately show up, but the initial attempt to load a new page (not every time) I'm visiting fails. I just figured it was the combination of IE 7.0 and dun.

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