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I made this simple site while testing out a way to make dynamic subdomains.

what it is is basically a site where you can create a domain for your favorite person. Like or

when you generate a domain name, it comes with sub-pages that has a picture library, discussion, chat, etc.

another thing it does is that others can sign up as a member of that subdomain site using their email address. So when something is written on the site, they get a notice on the email so they can respond to it if they like.

this also can be a viral site, because once I get a bunch of rabid fan of certain celebrity, they can bring more and more people who would sustain that page because they are notified of activity.

so, what do you think, good idea, or bad idea?

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Submitted by : LCD
Submitted on : Mar 12,2009 1:33:34 am
ballot title:

ismyhero dot com - your opinion?

ballot number:132819
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Voted : good idea
But I worry about the abuse factor, as always.
^ I thought about that.

by using an email verification for each entry, they would have to work awfully hard, and of course banning takes one click (for all their entry).

we'll see. I see the idiots looking in.
by LCD [+]

^ Didn't think about that.
testing 123
by LCD [+]

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