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don't you hate it when you comment on a ballot that is no longer on the front/newest page, then nobody answers you because they never see it?

now there's a notice on top of every page that blinks on when someone makes a comment on a ballot. then you can go over there and make another comment, which makes your comment light up, then so on, and so on.

if there enough people here (there isn't right now) then you can have continuous updates of newest entries blinking on while you are using the page.

so, how long should new activity shown on a banner? right now, it's set at 100 seconds

60 seconds
100 seconds
200 seconds
300 seconds
400 seconds
500 seconds

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Submitted by : LCD
Submitted on : Mar 13,2009 4:31:08 pm
ballot title:

Another Feature

ballot number:132830
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Voted : 100 seconds
I noticed it, And clicked the link. It could work. I know I will look for this feature when I'm logged in.
Voted : 60 seconds
Maybe you could also have a "Recent Comments on Older Ballots" thing that links maybe the last 10 non-front page ballots that have been commented on. Idk, something like that.

I'd go with a minute though.

Ha, I just noticed it after I posted that comment. That's pretty cool.
It's almost like a quasi squawk box.
OMG!!! See people are following you all. AHH!!!!
Hi there. lol

Voted : 100 seconds
Just fine for me. Best never to push for narrower operating times. Uncle Werner does not approve.

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