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I found a better way.

basically, to slow down the abusers, I would allow guest entries based on email addresses. they would have to "self approve" each and every entry (until they register) and I have set up a blacklist email database where once flagged, that email address can never be used, and publish those addresses so it would be available to all other websites : and once the abuse is found, it's one click to eliminate all entries.

idea is to waste as much time of the abusers as possible-average guest users would not be affected as much.

I know a lot of good users started out as guest users, and miss some of them. It's extra work for our superusers, so I am askin'.

good idea
bad idea
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Submitted by : LCD
Submitted on : Mar 19,2009 2:32:57 pm
ballot title:

allowing guest entries

ballot number:132903
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Voted : good idea
Voted : good idea
Voted : bad idea
The spammers will find a way around it. If they don't want to register on a registration-only site, there is a reason for it.
Voted : bad idea
Great idea, but at least one of the spammers will make the time, regardless. I'll guarantee it.
Voted : good idea
It's fine by me.

Voted : bad idea
Good idea if you want to still have guest users. But as others mentioned, trolls and spammers prefer to use anonymous accounts. And having to use a different email address each time is of no consequence to them. They don't use their primary email addresses anyway, so posting it on a 'black list' site just makes it that much more fun for them.
Voted : good idea
Seems like a good idea. Guest users who really want to contribute could just use their one e-mail in a second window to approve their own comments. Abusers would quickly be frozen and have to create tons of alternate e-mail addresses, which is a royal pain in the arse for them.

I wouldn't put it past some of the abusers this site has seen to sit there for hours making alternate e-mails, but it should at least weed out the casual spam artists.

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