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replace XXXX with your name.

xxxx is __________.

choose a GENERAL complement, the greatest you ever got.

General meaning not very specific. Like xxx is the greatest architect ever lived kind of thing.


xxxx is my hero! :)

brainstorm with me!

is smart
is cool
the reason I check my e-mail every day. artistic
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Submitted by : LCD
Submitted on : Mar 26,2009 2:42:50 pm
ballot title:

Greatest general complement you ever got.

ballot number:132974
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Voted : the reason I check my e-mail every day.
A friend in one of my SF forums said that about me last week. Can't begin to say how much it buoyed me, because the old self-esteem was, to quote Jackson Browne, runnin' on empty at the time.
^ That is just the most recent, I should say. I've been showered by many while I've been here. For those, I thank those of you who gave them.
Voted : artistic
I was teaching a preschool art class. I was showing kids how to do basic origami. I made a little paper knick-knack for each kid. Each kid stood beside me and watched as I made his or her gift. When I got ready to give a little girl her gift, she said, I don't really want one--I just like watching how beautifully you move your hands. It was the loveliest thing anyone ever said to me. I will never forget it.
Voted : artistic
^ Awesome.

I draw, but no one's ever commented on how my fingers move. lol But I do wish I had a dime for every time someone told me how talented I was.

Whoops. Shouldn't have voted for that one.

I guess the greatest compliment was probably from my doctor telling me he's surprised I'm alive when I shouldn't have been.

Voted : artistic
YES! I looooooove it.

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