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[+] serious ballot by forgetmenot

and the message says "Go to the main page", do you actually go to the main page or do you consider your B&W session finished where you are? Do we really need to go to the main page?

When I log off, that's it, I'm done...I don't go to the main page
When I log off, I always go to the main page because that is what the message says to do.
I never log off
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Submitted by : forgetmenot
Submitted on : Apr 02,2009 10:24:46 pm
ballot title:

When you log off

ballot number:133055
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Gee, thanks alot....
I never log off when I leave. I just close the window or something.
Voted : I never log off
it's okay to not to log off, as long as you are using your own computer.

that way I never have to log back in...
by LCD [+]

Voted : I never log off
I wanted to say that , but I didn't want to get in "trouble" (on my two personal computers that I'm the only user) I used to log off long ago before LCD upgraded and it seems like I would occasionly have trouble logging back in...
see ballot #110874

Voted : When I log off, that's it, I'm done...I don't go to the main page
Unless I realize that I've forgotten to do something here, that is.
OK, cool...

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