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Submitted by : RunsWithScissors
Submitted on : May 15,2009 6:25:42 am
ballot title:

What is the most obnoxious insect known to man?

ballot number:133420
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Voted : Cockroaches
I'll vote this,
^ although I'm sure there are worse
Voted : Gnats
May they all end in thirst.
Voted : Cockroaches
Ewww yep...gotta be roaches
Voted : Mosquitoes
mosquitoes LOVE me for some reason.

I had walks in national parks where they totally ignore my SO and just attack me silly, following me as I run for cover. (Like 50 of them landing on my shirt and feeding)

I must be emitting a lot of CO2.
by LCD [+]

^ How weird! It's the opposite with us. I'm betting you have smooth skin with very little body hair -- that's the kind they find most delicious :-))
Voted : Fleas
These are the bane of our existence, ever since the new Asian ones came here. These guys don't seem to have a season, are pretty immune to all but the most toxic flea treatments, and like to feast off humans just as much as cats and dogs. Ugh.
mosquitoes don't usually bite me they swarm around my face, get in my eyes and mouth and drive me crazy
actually, I am a pretty hairy dude :)

although I am told I have soft skin, that I imagine is easy to drill through...
by LCD [+]

Voted : Mosquitoes
Do creationists count?
the politician

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