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[+] serious ballot by passiveson

1) You make a ballot that's consistently and deliberately sabotaged,
2) The content or subject is deliberately taken out of context (by certain internet trolls) and you are subjected to harassment,
3) The ballot (regardless of commentary) is wiped for no explicable reason?

Thus has been my most recent experience. So I wonder, What's the point? Why bother? Why should I/You make a ballot.......

PS LCD, glad to see ability to embed video, pretty cool!!!! ♥ it! ☺ ☺ ☺

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Submitted by : passiveson
Submitted on : Jul 31,2009 8:19:28 pm
ballot title:

Should I/You make Ballots when......

ballot number:134193
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Voted : Pointless
Seems to me! Can I get your feedback? ☺
Voted : Pointless
Yes you are lol.
To wit ^^^^ (internet troll)

Is it at all possible you might some day grow up?

^ Says him who left me a childish welcome back message. Haha you haven't changed have you? Fool.
"What?" think I was trying to? And you say I'm deluded. lol, I ♥ it!☺
I've missed you, lol. x
Really? You Should've sent flowers ♥

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