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[+] ballot by RobinGaylord

I remember seeing this funny sketch they did where a guy walks into a library and accidently says a secret password that makes the librarian assume he I the spy he has been waiting for. After a series of ridiculous events an evil man in a wheel chair crashes through the wall. He looks like some kind of bond villain either with some kind of weapon where his amputated hand should be or he has some for of cannon attached to his wheelchair. Iím not to clear on every aspect of the sketch but Iím trying to find it on youtube. If I canít find it there Iíll just rent it as soon as I know which episode itís from.

Can someone help me figure out where to find this Monty Python sketch?


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Submitted by : RobinGaylord
Submitted on : Sep 13,2009 5:51:20 pm
ballot title:

Can someone help me figure out where to find this Monty Python sketch?

ballot number:134581
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I think what you want might be "Secret Service Dentist". I just checked YouTube, and they do have that sketch. I bookmarked it, and I'm hoping to download it myself later tonight.
Oddly I dont remember this one....
Lemmingstraggler got it +5. Not quite like i remembered it but definately an absurdly funny sketch.

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