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[+] ballot by RobinGaylord

My main computer is in a reboot loop. I installed an update and it freezes on "Configuring Updates: 3 of 3 54% Complete." I don't have a restore point or a vista disc. So I may be screwed with that but I did take out one of my ram cards because it was suggested that if I took it out and placed it back in it might fix the problem (don't ask me how, but that was the advice). I took the Ram card out and now I can't get it to slide right back in. The indentation lines up with the ridge so i know i have it going in the right way but for some dumb reason it won't slide down all the way so I can close the 2 white clamps on either end. I have an HP Pavillion desktop bought in the last year or 2 let me know if you have any idea why this would be dificult and if you can solve the reboot problem I will be forever in your debt. Thanks in advance.


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Submitted by : RobinGaylord
Submitted on : Sep 24,2009 2:54:17 am
ballot title:

Hey I can't get my ram card back in my computer. Can anyone help me?

ballot number:134702
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just take your time and make sure it's the way it's supposed to go in. if it came out, it should go back in the same way. sometimes it takes a firm push, a little lubricant on the corner (where the friction happens) helps, though make sure it's not conductive (wd40 etc is harmless)

I got a dell that consistently have the same problems. What i did was to partition a C drive that's just large enough for the system software, and get everything else on another partition. when it's time to reformat, all your data is safe on another partition.
by LCD [+]

You have to put the 2 side flaps down and push down on the RAM, on one side first, and then the other side until you here the flaps snap into place.

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