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[+] serious ballot by minni_the_minx

Ok, to cut a long story short, I keep smelling things that dont exist. A few night ago I walked down the stairs and got a really strong smell of cigars, NOBODY smokes in my home, I dont allow it, so where did the smell come from, and only in that one spot at the foot of the stairs? Today I could smell candles burning but only in my bedroom and nowhere else in the house, I NEVER burn candles in my bedroom and havent had them burning in the house full stop for over three weeks, so where did the smell come from, this is really freaking me out as im home alone :-(

So what, in your opinion is the cause of these smells?

Keep taking the pills minz
It your great uncle albert making a house call
I cant explain where the smells came from
I can explain where the smells came from
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Submitted by : minni_the_minx
Submitted on : Oct 14,2009 10:03:45 pm
ballot title:

In need of answers

ballot number:134844
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I don't know for certain in your case, but it's a symptom of having a ghost (for lack of a better word) present.

I have the same thing happen in my house on at times. I've smelled everything from grease, pipe tobacco, freshly skinned catfish, vintage perfume, etc...

It could be a clairalient experience where you pick of the smell of something that's not yet happened. But seeing how it's confined to particular areas, I really don't think that's it.

That's usually the first symptom of a brain tumor.
Do you have migraines or sensory seizures? You should talk to your doctor
I do have migraines but ive had them from a very early age and they are all over the place and not specific to one area, so im not too concerned about them.
Voted : I can explain where the smells came from
About four years ago, I lived in a townhouse that was very much haunted. There was one spot on the stairs that stayed ice cold all year round. It didn't matter if the heat or the air conditioning was on, it was always cold. My cats would sit and watch something I couldn't see going up and down the stairs. I would quite often smell burnt biscuits.

At the time, my computer faced the opposite wall that the stairs was on. I had a huge picture with a glass front hanging on the wall in front of the computer. If you looked at the picture, you could see a reflection of the stairs behind. I would often catch a glimpse of a woman slowly walking up the stairs. I would turn around right away, but nothing was there except the cats sitting there watching the stairs. My daughter used to get really freaked out when she saw the reflection of the woman in the glass.

Then there were the really odd things that happened like the birdhouses that sat on the edge of the stairs being kicked or hurled across the living room when nobody was in there, not even the cats. Another time I found the cat's water dish turned upside down, with the water still in it, and not a drop spilled on the floor.

I learned to put crosses up in each room. I still keep them up in every room as a precautionary measure. What does it hurt?

The ghostly experiences were quite a common occurrance in my home, so I finally got up enough courage to ask my neighbor if a woman had ever died there. He said no, but that a transvestite had hung himself on the stairs. Ohhhh... That's why I kept getting a sense of a woman going up and down the stairs. That explained the cold spot, and it also explained why my birdhouses were being knocked off the stairs. The person who hung themselves kept repeating their death. You hang yourself on the stairs, your body collapses, and anything on the stairs is sent flying across the room.

It doesn't matter if you don't believe in ghosts, apparently you have one. Try to capture it on camera or video camera. My daughter did that (unknowingly) when she was 14 and went on a class trip to visit Gettysburg, the Civil War battlefield. You don't even wanna know what I saw when I video-taped in my home just to see if anything was there. I moved soon after. In my case, it was pretty bad, but your ghost may be friendly or just lost.

Or may just be imaginary lol.
sometimes people with migraines or seizures smell things that aren't there.
^even if you never had that problem before
Voted : I cant explain where the smells came from
I think it is something in the air. Maybe the government is doing it. I really do. For the last several months, I have been smelling what smells like cigarette smoke and cigar smoke and burning candles in places where there are none.
britvic55, are you trying to say im losing my marbles lol? Damn that man he knows me too well :-(
Voted : I can explain where the smells came from
Not to frieghten you hun but this comes from the website:

This symptom, which is known to doctors as an "olfactory hallucination," is potentially very worrisome. Olfactory hallucinations are occasionally a symptom of a brain tumor, so you need to bring this problem to the attention of a neurologist immediately. Olfactory hallucinations may also be a symptom of epilepsy; once again, you would be best served by consulting with a neurologist.
In general, a variety of things can go wrong with one’s sense of smell. Another name for what you describe is "phantosmia" (phantom smells). Some folks suffer from "parosmia," which is a distortion of the sense of smell. In other words, there really is an odor present, but the patient does not perceive it correctly. A fresh bowl of strawberries may smell like garbage. In one particular form of parosmia, cacosmia, the patient frequently smells fecal matter when this odor is not actually present. Absent or reduced sense of smell (anosmia and hyposmia) has already been addressed in this column.
What causes these odd disorders? Aside from the occasional patient with psychiatric problems, most disturbances of the sense of smell are probably due to an injury to the olfactory pathways. Smell is a chemical sense– when you smell something, your brain is perceiving specific airborne molecules. These molecules bind to receptors in the olfactory epithelium, which is the tissue that lines the back of the roof of the nasal cavity. Nerve impulses are generated, which travel first to the olfactory bulb, then to other areas deeper within the brain. Damage to any of these tissues may cause a distorted sense of smell.
What do I mean by "damage"? Infection (especially viral infection, such as the common cold, or flu) and trauma are perhaps the most common mechanisms of injury, but tumor is easily the most worrisome mechanism of injury. Trauma includes both blunt head trauma, such as might be suffered from a car accident, and surgical trauma. Exposure to toxic chemicals and ingestion of certain drugs can also injure one’s sense of smell, although these more commonly cause anosmia or hyposmia than phantosmia.
Because of the very real concern for a problem with your brain, such as a brain tumor, you should first see a neurologist. You may also need to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist, but I personally would start with a neurologist.

I will refer you to this site:

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